Permapave WSUD Designs.

These unique designs provide various WSUD benefits, but can be designed to use less land than existing technology.  All street level water access can be designed to be trafficable.

Design 1.  
Inner City or Main Street Low Impact design – Permapave with Tree Planters

Permapave provides trafficable surface on the road verge, allows water and air to access the soil to provide ideal urban tree growth and filters 100% of gross pollutants.  The gravel and sand filters hydrocarbons and phosphates and trees take up nitrates and nutrients

Design 2.  
Using Permapave to create Narrow Verge Rain-garden.

Using Permapave with bio-retention raingarden strip.  This design creates narrower road verges with higher lot yield.  The Permapave provides trafficable surface, storm water entry to the raingarden strip and filters 100% of gross pollutants.  The sand filters all hydrocarbons and nutrients, the plants take up nutrients and root systems maintain permeability.

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