Porous Pavers

Permapave is a unique stone substrate specifically engineered to allow water flow through the total surface area of the pavement.  Permapave porous pavers are ideally suited as a practical long term alternative to porous concrete.

Pavers are manufactured as  300mm x  300mm x 50mm.  Other sizes can be produced, depending on quantity required.

Permapave porous pavers have a flow through rate of up to 30 litres per second per square metre of grate, depending on the size of stone selected.

Permapave pavers are a uniform size. There is no shrinkage in the manufacturing process, therefore there is no variation in size.

Permapave pavers are a new technology and to date there is no standard written for them. The Permapave matrix contains voids, similar to porous concrete, and therefore standard compressive strength test methods are not applicable. However, Permpave pavers will attain an unconfined confined compressive strength of approximately 2,00lbs sq inch, and confined compressive strength of over 6,000 lbs sq. inch.

Permapave pavers comply with ASTM C67 Freeze/Thaw requirements.

Permapave pavers are unaffected by salt.

Permapave Pavers are unaffected by UV.

Pavements may require as little as 30% of Permapave pavers to be classified as permeable. The exceptionally high porosity allows water captured from large areas of surrounding impervious pavement to be dispersed through smaller areas of Permapave pavers.

Capture rates are generally unaffected by gradient.

Typically Permapave pavers may need to be cleaned periodically, by mechanical vacuum. Frequency of cleaning is dependant on the contaminant profile of the area of installation. Typically, pavers in a household installation may only need cleaning each 10 years.

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