Bio-retention systems

Unique and extremely effective, Permapave Bio-Retention systems are based on the permapave technology and enable contaminant removal from storm water runoff in almost any location and in almost any circumstances.

Permapave Bio-Retention systems, when used as a gathering point for Stormwater harvesting, create a valuable new urban water resource.

Permapave provides a wide variety of catchment and filtration options. Stormwater runoff dissipates through the Permapave into filtration pits where the water is filtered through selected filtration media (eg sand, sawdust, crushed black coal etc.).  Stormwater may then be harvested from the Bio-Retention systems or discharged to outfall watercourses as clean water with contaminants filtered out.

Systems can be designed to allow filtered water to be diverted to underground aquifers, to recharge depleted ground water supplies, and eventually provide for drawing water from aquifers as an additional urban water source.

It is the large pavement areas in cities, such as shopping malls, car parks and roadways which create the largest stormwater runoffs and are the major source of outfall pollution. Instead of being the problem, these pavement areas can now become part of the solution.

Permpave Bio-Retention pits are installed across the water flow, or at any lowpoint of large pavement areas. Road side Bioretention systems, located under street gutters provide either for stormwater harvesting or purification of contaminated stormwater prior collection for disharge to outfall.  A major advange of Permapave Bio-Retention Systems is they can be economically installed in any location, and can be retrofitted to all paved areas within the urban system.

All Permapave systems are installed under the ground, using the Permapave technology to provide the hard, trafficable surface. Therefore there is no loss of land or a requirement to alter land usage with any Permapave Bio-Retention installation.

Permapave Bio-Retention systems can be cleaned using mechanical vacuum to maintain permeability and filtration media is easily removed and replaced when required.

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