Providing sufficient water for the worlds rapidly growing urban population is increasingly the greatest challenge faced by governments and urban planners world-wide.

Reducing the quantity of stormwater diverted to outfall, reducing the contamination of stormwater at outfall, and increasing the volume of water which can be diverted to subterranean aquifers is the key to modern urban water management.

Unchecked, the increasing demand for urban water and the increasing rate of water supply pollution will soon adversely impact on every urban dweller world wide.

A new urban water management strategy is being implemented world wide in an attempt to provide long term, sustainable solutions.

The strategy is known as ”Low Impact – Water Sensitive Urban Design”, and now regulates future urban development and urban renewal.

Permapave products together with the unique Permapave Low Impact – Water Sensitive Urban Designs, provide unique, sustainable and economical long term solutions.

Most Permapave designs can be incorporated into the existing urban stormwater infrastructure and so provide retrospective solutions.  Most solutions are below the surface of existing pavements and so there is no land cost and no loss of land use.

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