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Lintel and Facia Grates

Lintel entries are the main entry point for surface litter into stormwater collection systems, as there are no filtration systems currently available for Lintel entries.

Permapave Lintel Filtration Grates filter 100% of gross pollutants from stormwater runoff, as it passes into the collection system. Gross Pollutants remain on the pavement where proper disposal is easily managed.

Permapave Lintel filtration grates are an economical and extremely effective filtration system. Upon installation, outfall waterways are immediately cleaner and less contaminated.

Capture rates are adjustable to suit most flow volumes up to 100 litres per second per square metre of grate area.

As with any filter, periodic cleaning to remove retained contaminants is necessary. The Lintel grates are easily cleaned in situ with the Permapave Cleaning machine

lintel and facia grates
Facia grate. Specifically designed to allow water to flow into the sidewalk during rain events. Water feeds sidewalk trees and waterflow to collection pits is greatly reduced. Sidewalk trees and plants take up nutrients, nitrates and phosphates
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lintel grate

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