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Stormwater Grates

Permapave stormwater inlet grates are a unique design, and comply with Australian Standard AS 3996 for road grates.

Permapave Stormwater Filtration Grates filter 100% of gross pollutants from stormwater runoff prior to entry to collection systems.

Permapave Stormwater Filtration Grates

Permapave Stormwater Filtration Grates provide a safe non-slip transition across the stormwater entry pit. Grate surface is non-slip and safe for pedestrians, automobiles and cyclists. Coefficient of friction exceeds Australian Standard AUS/NZ 3661.2.

Installation of Permapave Stormwater Filtration Grates has an immediate and long term impact on stormwater purity. On installation, there is immediate reduction in contaminants at outfall.

Permapave stormwater grates with a gutter bio-retention system has exit water purity equivalent to class 2 water, sufficiently pure for use as an urban water resource.

Capture rates can be adjusted to suit most requirements - up to 100 litres per second per square metre.


Grates require periodic cleaning to remove collected contaminants. Cleaning frequency depends on rainfall events and contaminant profile.

Cleaning is inexpensive with the Permapave cleaning machine. Contaminants are captured for disposal to appropriate sites.

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